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Alexis Romero Orduñez / 42 / Male
United States
Mi nombre es Alexis Romero Orduñez, tengo 42 años de edad,soy escritor,sicólogo y pastor de la Iglesia Renacer. Nunca me ha gustado hablar de mis cualidades y virtudes por temor a correr el riesgo de aparentar falta de m
Esther Winnie hope / 35 / Male
United States
I am Ugandan, one of the country found in East Africa. I like traveling to new places for adventure, cooking and walking around the shores.
Luno 루노 / 17 / Female
안녕하세요! 저는 루노 입니다, 17살입니다 (02년생). 한국어를 공부해요 그리고 제 한국어 실력을 높이고 싶어요! I want to make close friends from all around the world! Don't hesitate to message me :)
Sandra(박애영) / 14 / Female
Hi, I’m Sandra. I want to make a friend but I’m a very awkward person just so you know.I can speak Korean but just a little bit.please send me an Email.I will reply your Email if i have time.
yang / 21 / Female
Hi:) I'm Yang. I'm from Korea. I'm university student.  I want to meet good friend. send me an email!
Carly / 22 / Female
United States
Hello, I'm Carly, I'm 22, and I'm from the USA. I live with my parents, I'm a security guard, and I have a Chihuahua named Uno. I like video games, sleeping, watching YouTube, photography, and watching paranormal inve
姜材潣 / 14 / Male
음...저는 한국의 중학교2학년인 평범한 남학생입니다 일본어는 히라가나 조금 읽을줄 알고 한자도 일본식으로는 읽을수 없는데, 뜻은 다 알고 있어요 한자 6급입니다 うーん...私は韓国の中学校2年生の平凡な男子学生です 日本語はひらがなが少し読めるし、漢字も日本式には読めないけど、意味は全部分かっています。 漢字6級です
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