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xuan / 21 / Male
Hello, I am a Chinese university student, 21 years old. I want a Japanese snail mail pen Pal, please contact me
Işıl / 22 / Female
Hi there :)) I'm Işıl from Turkey... I am 22 and I am looking for good and long-lasting friendships. I am a 3rd-year college student who studies Molecular Biology and Genetics. I am really curious about other langua
Yunseo / 15 / Female
hi🙋‍♀️ I am not good at English, but I want to learn it! I like Japanese, too. If I get to know you through here, I want to keep in touch with you through Facebook or Instagram.  안녕 반가워 난 15살 윤서라고해 위에서 영어로는 다 전하지 못한 말
Rose / 58 / Female
I am a lovely person with good sense of understanding and very easy going. I am fair in complexion with good average height and from a good Christian background. I am here for intimate relationship and to be part of this
DaglazOnefs / 34 / Male
Central African Republic
В силу того, что много женщин сейчас работает за компьютерами, у людей с годами ухудшается зрение. Помимо того, много людей не знают, в какую клинику стоит обращаться. Одной из самых известных офтальмологических клиник в
JUN / 21 / Male
おはようございます! 日本のドラマと映画が好きです。 日本旅行に行くことも好きです。 言語交換しましょう! 男女問わず連絡ください。 どうぞよろしくお願いします。
Eloise / 14 / Female
Hi,nice to see you here. My name is Eloise.(qwq I"m from China. I"m 14 years old. I can speak Chinese and English. I like painting, cycling, reading, writing and baking. I like all the new things. I hope I can mak
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