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Kim Jong Woo / 35 / Мъж
Chloe / 16 / Жена
Hi there I'm Chloe from Korea and want to meet many friends :D  Plz send me an Email to talk.  if you want to exchange language, I can help you with learning korean and I am trying to learn French, German, greek. 
Ben (Hyunjae Park) / 38 / Мъж
Hi, there. I am living in Seoul, Korea. I'd like to exchange language(Korean English and Japanese) with e-mail. I am not here for a date or making a girlfriends.
Jimin / 19 / Жена
A girl from Korea Planning to go working holiday after graduate.
Kim Seong Hyeon(김성현) / 18 / Мъж
Hello, I'm Kim Sung Hyun, a high school student in Korea. I am currently working on a study comparing high school students' perceptions of Korean unification in China, the United States, Japan and Russia. If you are inte
ししゃもん / 37 / Мъж
Nice to meet you. I live in Osaka. I am 37 years old. My hobbies are movies, music, anime and games. I want to get along with people all over the world.
Miki / 39 / Жена
Hello!I'm 39years old Japanese single womam and looking for penpals from Europe,and USA,SouthAmerica,and Africa.I started penpals 20years ago, love writing letters. Let's enjoy our frhendship!
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