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julius / 43 / Male
I am a Korean. I want to learn English. But I don't know anything yet. I want a pen pal. He wants to learn by doing pen pal.
Eunji Lee / 28 / Female
Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Eunji Lee. I'm Korean who live in Japan. I'm Working for NHK partner company from last year. My job is repair computer or maintenance for editing room.(which use to edit.) I can speak Jap
Davis Marsh / 49 / Female
United States
Hello My name is Davis Marsh I am from Atlanta Georgia,America. Nice to meet you here I want to make a friend I will tell you more about myself as we get to know each other very well. I have kakao talk and this i
Eun Seob / 24 / Male
Hi my name is eun seop shin and i am 24 years old. I want to study english
지민서 / 13 / Female
저는 한국에 살고 있는 13살 여학생입니다. 일본 친구를 사귀고 싶습니다. 일본어는 잘 못하지만 열심히 배우고 있어요.こんにちは~私は韓国に住んでいる13歳の女子学生です。 日本の友達と付き合いたいです。 日本語は下手ですが,一所懸命学んでいます。 うちの母が私を妊娠した時,日本に滞在したんですよ。 それで日本に関心が多いです。うーん,なんか最近韓国と日本の関係が良くないのに,私は悪い(?)概念のない(?)韓国人ではない
Teekay / 16 / Female
Hi ! I am tesnime 16y.o a highschool student who wants to make long term friendship.i live pets a lit My hobbies are dancing , watching movies and reading books I have kakaotalk ,IG and whatsapp
JINA / 25 / Female
I am a student who wants to learn English. I want to learn you what each other is lacking and get along well. Please contact us a lot. insta : nununu919
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