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Ekaterina / 15 / Female
Hi, nice to see you here. I really want to be your penpal friend. If you want too, please find me in inst @kosmakova_72 and write me in direct. Ore use email, of course. With love, Kate.
Mahaletchumi Nagapan / 37 / Female
Just a simple and lonely human being . Would like to make a new friends abroad to learn new language, new culture and family tradition.
Go 豪 ごう / 47 / Male
My name is Go. It must be a great pleasure for me to have a new friend. I wonder if my name may get you confused when you hear it for the first time. I am used to such a reaction. I am a Japanese man and live in Kanto re
Aqilah / 10 / Female
my name is Aqilah I am fluent in English. I really love to do some arts and crafts, I'm also interested in some sports such as swimming and archery. I wan to have friends from all around the world.
Naeem / 65 / Male
i,am very reliable man anyone can depend on me .
Maycat / 54 / Female
Hello! Thanks for looking at my plofile ! I am looking for gentleman&sweet penpal whom I can practicend learn English from. I ofte use a translator app to send messsages. Please use easy English when messaging me
Shekinah / 20 / Female
Hi! I'd like to make friends from other countries especially Asians. I really really want to learn Korean and/or Japanese language as I want to live there someday and I can teach you English if you want. I love random
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